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Aligned Aviation Consulting provides you with target-orientated, customized consulting in a timely professional and qualified manner to help you reduce monetary and timely losses as an aviation system supplier.

We bring the right information to the right people, reveal new potentials within a customer SPEC frame and provide cost transparency for your commodities.

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1st Workshop for digitized maintenance in avation 23.08 - 24.08.2016 Nuremberg / Germany

1st Workshop for digitized maintenance in avation 23.08 - 24.08.2016 Nuremberg / Germany

Save the date 23.08-24.08.2016 Learn about the requirements of digitized maintenance. Work together with all parties of the aviation industry and suppliers of state of the art digital tools.

ILA Berlin Air Show 2016

The ILA 2016 in Berlin is the perfect place to share ideas and to connect experience, innovation and profitable business. Aligned Aviation Conuslting GmbH will be there form the 31.05 until the 03.06 and is looking forward for fertile discussions with ... Continue

Reliability - Assessment and implementation in Aviation


Applied Reliability Symposium

The International Applied Reliability Symposium in Munich is the perfect setting to learn about Reliability and Asset Lifecycle Management Subjects, Durability and Fatigue Subjects. Connecting these engineering topics with the economic potential within ... Continue

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In the most diverse branches and range of duties, our methods and techniques are applicable for every kind of product in aviation.

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Our consulting is systematical and structured. It follows an established method which allows us to give you a new perspective on your product, the market and to make new chances possible; always considering your individual challenges.

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